Social Fabric used to be a gorgeous shop on the High Street of Totnes - an ancient Devon market town in southwest England. Crammed full of lovely yarn and fabrics, we had great fun providing quality products and teaching workshops around our big blue table.
Unfortunately it became unsustainable to operate on the high street and in the end I had to take the very sad decision to close the shop in February 2017. Not enough trade in a small town, high overheads, increasing prices due to exchange rate fluctuations and increasing - punishing - competition from huge online warehouse sellers just made the business too challenging.
I'm not sure yet what the future holds for Social Fabric, but hopefully we will carry on some teaching and knitting in some guise or another.
We will be hosting Stitch Fest in November 2017 in Totnes, so do come along. Find out more here.
For now I am taking a short break but I do hope to see you soon, somewhere along our knitting path!

Thank you all for your custom over the past four and a half years. It's been so much fun and
your kind words and appreciation made it all worthwhile

Caroline x

The Social Fabric shop in happier days!

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